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Noun1.payroll check - a check issued in payment of wages or salarypayroll check - a check issued in payment of wages or salary
bank check, check, cheque - a written order directing a bank to pay money; "he paid all his bills by check"
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In this case, stopping payment on the original payroll check is not for the employee's benefit.
According to the American Payroll Association, the average cost of processing, printing and delivering a single payroll check ranges from $1 to $2, while the cost of replacing a lost check is about $9.
The fact that the check goes uncashed does not remove the employee's property right (as evidenced by the payroll check) nor does it eliminate the employer's obligation to compensate the employee.
There was nothing strange about the woman who came into the Lopez Supermarket in Brownsville, Texas to cash a payroll check one day last year.
Most financial services companies can arrange for a set dollar amount to be transferred directly from your checking account or after-tax payroll check to your IBA to take advantage of dollar-cost averaging.
By using payroll deduction, your capital campaign pledge payments and/or your sustaining monthly gifts to Foundation funds, such as the Quill Endowment, can be deducted directly from your payroll check. Your generous donation is then deposited into the Foundation account that you will specify.
In addition, to help cover the deception, the employee created a false payroll check stub showing that the actual funds being directly deposited to her own account were the lower gross and net pay breakdown, without the extra withholdings.
Although it is impossible to summarize all of the check fraud schemes currently operating, three schemes in particular - large-scale counterfeiting, identity assumption, and payroll check fraud - typify frauds being tracked by bank security officials and law enforcement authorities throughout the nation.
"During Hurricane Francis, we helped one South Carolina branch manager who had to evacuate an invalid parent and couldn't get to the office to pick up her payroll check. We saw to it that the money was wired to her personal account so she could get to it from an ATM," Hodge explained.
Also available through Client One, Inc., are payroll check writing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, time and billing, and an inventory control system which fully integrate with Super Client Write-Up.
In addition to stealing checks, professional criminals will create documents like photo identification to further mask whether they are the true owner of a payroll check.