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Noun1.payroll department - the department that determines the amounts of wage or salary due to each employee
department, section - a specialized division of a large organization; "you'll find it in the hardware department"; "she got a job in the historical section of the Treasury"
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The revenues, benefits and payroll department alongside the workforce development service within the council are looking for an organisation / company to script, produce and edit 2 x short high-quality, cost effective, multi-angled videos (approximately 20 minutes long) around the safeguarding of vulnerable families, benefit fraud, mate-crime coercion and human trafficking.
In this webinar we will give the latest best practices to help your payroll department transition from a year end crunch to a smooth and compliant year end process.
If dues are paid through payroll deduction, the member must contact the payroll department at their facility to cancel their deductions.
So check your payslips to see if your take home increased in March and talk to your firm's payroll department if not.
McDonough, who was working in the payroll department, duplicated redundancy payments so the cash was also paid into his eight bank accounts.
She enjoyed her work in the payroll department at Astra Pharmaceutical.
We now have control checks to mitigate risk at all stages of the payroll process, tighter processes in the payroll department and three signatures need to be obtained, including one from a senior member of the finance team, to verify dates and amounts," she said.
But Nicholas Burn, prosecuting, said Walsall-based Careerlink Ltd, which employed her in its payroll department, now faced tax problems and the "looming threat" of having to make redundancies.
Mr King said: "Alternatively, we have a payroll department which specialises in this kind of thing, and they are happy to minimise the hassle for businesses, who have to implement the biggest change in PAYE since it was first introduced towards the end of World War II.
The voluntary scheme offers employees the opportunity to establish a personalised savings plan by deducting a portion of their salary each month via their payroll department through National Bonds.
A TNA staff member will send you the form you need to take to the VA Payroll Department to setup your payroll deduction dues plan.
A LAW graduate bought a Porsche with cash he fiddled on his first day in a council payroll department.