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A feature of a website that denies access to certain content to users who have not paid to view it.

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(Communications & Information) a system that prevents the user of website from accessing certain content on the site unless a payment is made
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This presents us a challenge we don't know if a paywall would flop or prevail if we dedicated massive resources to a world-class paywall.
Some publishers have used a loophole in Chrome to deter metered paywall circumvention.
The barrier to moving from paywall to OA is an obvious one: How do companies that have been making amazing amounts of cash selling subscriptions figure out a way to give their publications away without losing profits?
YouTube stated in its official blog that only the new series will be available for free, while some of the premium content such as "Step Up: High Water," will continue to be behind the paywall.
In 2012, the Buffalo News in New York jumped on the paywall bandwagon, so they choose a vendor, put up a paywall and did what every news organization does--hope for growth.
* Management of soft and hard subscriptions and a paywall
A comprehensive set of content management and paywall tools allow one-stop streaming and monetization totally under the control of the broadcaster.
It seems for every "Apex Legends" or "Overwatch" that use them smartly, games like ( "Battlefront 2" or "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War" lock progression behind a paywall.
"Prior to the start of the event, we experienced a technical issue with the B/R Live paywall that we tried to quickly resolve," the distributer of the match Turner Sports said in a statement.
Chegg expects to remove the existing paywall in time for the 2018 back to school period to increase the availability of Chegg Services to more students.
BitWall is primarily known for launching a first-of-its-kind Bitcoin and Twitter-powered paywall with the Chicago Sun-Times, one of the 10 largest US newspapers.