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Noun1.pea pod - husk of a peapea pod - husk of a pea; edible in some garden peas
pea - the fruit or seed of a pea plant
cod, pod, seedcase - the vessel that contains the seeds of a plant (not the seeds themselves)
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I always give the empty pods to the pigs (not much goes to waste here) but then I found this amazing recipe for pea pod soup.
I have about three pea plants, two almost too small to be called plants thought they are blooming and have had one pea pod from them.
Among themis a dwarf deer Pak Kadok (Papa Pea Pod), Pak Pandir, Lebei Malang and others.
(ii) The density of a dry pea pod is approximately 1.05g/[cm.sup.3], which was empirically determined from a single sample of pea pods.
The text of Pea Pod Lullaby is poetical, prayer-like, with pleas for the pod-like boat to 'hold me', its sail to 'steady me', the quiet deep to 'buoy me'; and, as the castaways reach the end of their perilous journey and spy land, the hope that someone will 'welcome me'.
Books like Kitchen Front advised on how to stretch rations by making pea pod soup or stuffed turnips.
/ha is most effective in controlling pigeon pea pod bug with 8.47% and 6.46% over control.
Common to most pea plants is the legume, the botanical name for the long flattened fruit that opens along a seam--the pea pod in this case.
The book includes illuminated botanical illustrations by Joris Hoefnagel, done circa 1591, but his bright sweet violet, voluptuous pea pod, and grace of a spider inching downward are as appealing and lifelike as today's blooms, veggies, and web-weaving creatures.
Body fat, weight and volume of the babies were also measured with air displacement plethysmography using the Pea Pod Infant Body Composition System.
Mid, stencilling in Pure Brilliant White Ultimate and Pea Pod matt emulsion, pounds 15.99 for 2.5 litres.
Ms Sanderson, the managing director of blue pea POD, said: "I have met business leaders who are focused, impatient and sometimes get angry.