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Noun1.pea shooter - a straight narrow tube through which pellets (as dried peas) can be blown at a target
plaything, toy - an artifact designed to be played with
tube, tubing - conduit consisting of a long hollow object (usually cylindrical) used to hold and conduct objects or liquids or gases
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The five-year-old beat the reopposing Pea Shooter when getting his head in front at the start of last month, and he has lost little in defeat in two subsequent efforts.
Unraced since finishing a neck second in early October, the six-year-old mare had Pea Shooter narrowly back in third that day.
Unraced since finishing a neck second in early October, the sixyear-old mare had Pea Shooter narrowly back in third that day.
PEA SHOOTER (5.45) can gun down the bookies in a trappy five-furlong handicap.
Pea Shooter retains plenty of ability at the age of 10 as he showed with a gutsy victory over this five-furlong course four weeks ago.
Pea Shooter retains plenty of ability as he showed with a gutsy victory over the five-furlong track four weeks ago.
WOLVERHAMPTON: 5.10 Navarra Princess, 5.40 Pea Shooter, 6.10 Grenadier, 6.40 Percy Prosecco, 7.10 River Cafe, 7.40 Whatwouldyouknow, 8.10 Scottish Jig, 8.40 Rawdaa.
The hilarity of the final chapter four, The Pea Shooter, will have deep appeal for mischievous young readers.
So far, so classy, and it gets even better when you climb onto the plush handstitched saddle, press the go button and cock a grateful ear to the sound from the classic pea shooter exhausts - for one of the criticisms of the previous Bonnie was its muted exhaust note.
+6 RACE RATING g 5 Oct 2 Wolves 6f Claimer 1.Kingscroft 2.Pea Shooter 3.Stonefield Flyer 12 ran Record of first six: 1 win from 2 runs - Pea Shooter = +3 Record of last six: 1 win from 7 runs - Dreams Of Glory (2) = +3 Total record: 2 wins from 9 runs (22%) for a profit of +PS9 to PS1 levels.
The idea that England would hamstring themselves by not picking players who play away from these isles remains a mystery to this correspondent -- the equivalent of going into battle with a pea shooter.
THE MAIL'S TOP TIPS AYR 1.30 Lostock Hall 2.05 Doc Charm 2.40 Dissent 3.10 Pea Shooter 3.45 Al Fareej 4.20 Longshadow 4.50 Pigeon Pie 5.20 Inspector Norse NEWTON ABBOT 2.15 Bonne Fee 2.50 August Hill 3.25 Celesta 4.00 Nikos Extra 4.35 An Capall Mor 5.05 Fitandproperjob 5.40 Strong Wind NEWBURY 1.50 Desert Force 2.25 Rhombus 3.00 Sloane Avenue 3.35 Best Of Times 4.05 Timba 4.40 Glen Moss 5.10 Starwatch WORCESTER 3.50 Kilbree Kid 4.25 Bennys Quest 4.55 El Namoose 5.30 Annaroe 6.00 Get Home Now 6.30 Over The Air 7.00 Unwanted Gift