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Noun1.peace advocacy - any policy that advocates maintaining peaceful international relations
dovishness - any political orientation favoring compromise to avoid conflict
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Esmael Mangudadatu (Maguindanao, 2nd District), with whom Hataman had worked in peace advocacy programs while he was ARMM governor, has been elected vice chairman of the House defense committee.
AN NGO, Peace Advocacy and Community Development Initiative (PACDIN), has called for increased synergy between government and financial institutions to empower women in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
In 2013, Hermoso, then the 6th ID spokesperson, attributed the absence of clashes between the military and the MILF for two years to the continuing peace advocacy that both sides had conducted with ground forces.
Later, he was inspired by the peace advocacy of Thomas Merton and the tireless anti-war protests and repeated jailing of Jim Douglass.
The group's military gains have won them considerable leverage in political talks, the peace advocacy organization International Crisis Group says.
Casambre, PEPP said is a publicly known participant in the GRP-NDFP peace talks whose expertise in relation to the peace process has been sought not only by different peace advocacy groups but different media outlets as well.
His vision is focused on peace advocacy. He is dedicated to eradicating radicalism that plagues both Islam and the West and highlighting the similarities between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.
The Code Pakistan, a peace advocacy, and the Higher Education Commission organised the seminar at Islamia College University.
Indian peace advocacy group, Voice of Ram (@VORdotcom) tweeted: "Dear @narendramodi and @ImranKhanPTI ...
Still, Catholic peace advocacy seems poised to enter a new phase--one refocused on gospel teachings rooted in nonviolence.
Peace advocacy groups and activists say hate speech - especially in the social media - is a considerable factor contributing to the violence in South Sudan.