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After the fall of the Berlin Wall the peace dividend was squandered by Nato pushing ever eastwards towards Russia's borders by signing up former Warsaw Pact countries until Putin made clear that Ukraine was a step too far.
The Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture, Dr Jihad Abdul Rahim Galganm, has pointed out that the festival is a direct result of the peace dividend, achieved thanks to the Darfur Doha Peace Document.
The Bank's economists also issue a stark warning, "Permanently higher military spending in the transition region over the medium term, in response to the renewed geopolitical risks, could erode the peace dividend from the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
RESEARCHERS have raised initial calculations of a Cyprus peace dividend upwards, estimating that a solution could raise per capita incomes by approximately e1/412,000 over 20 years, expanding the size of the economy by around e1/420 billion.
The Cyprus Peace Dividend Revisited , by Cyprus-based economists Fiona Mullen, Alexander Apostolides and Mustafa Besim, which was funded by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, takes a fresh look at the likely boost to economic activity as a result of a settlement.
In Tripura, which has been reaping the peace dividend, the people are looking forward to greater development and prosperity.
And in all our work we have to ensure our workingclass communities enjoy a greater share of the peace dividend.
It will take a lot of time for the peace dividend to filter through the people.
A peace deal must deliver a peace dividend for people.
KABUL (PAN): The Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) on Wednesday announced closing its Helmand project, Peace Dividend Marketplace, due to the completion of its funding agreement with the British Department for International Development (DFID).
C-JTSCC has also partnered with a Canada-based non-governmental organization called Peace Dividend Trust to post solicitations over $25,000 on its Peace Dividend Marketplace Afghanistan website (http://afghani-stan.
Of course, there would be other claimants for the $567 per capita peace dividend.