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1. Inclined or disposed to peace; promoting calm: They met in a peaceable spirit.
2. Peaceful; undisturbed.

peace′a·ble·ness n.
peace′a·bly adv.
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Noun1.peaceableness - a state that is calm and tranquil
amity - a state of friendship and cordiality
mollification - a state of being appeased or ameliorated or tempered
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In his Peaceable Kingdom, Hauerwas identifies peaceableness as the cardinal characteristic of the church's narrative.
A view that believes there is an inherent "essence" of woman; those feminine values of nurturing, gentleness, peaceableness and nature-loving.
The Piaroa Indians of Venezuela, he wrote, "are famous for their peaceableness," but "they inhabit a cosmos of endless invisible war, in which wizards are engaged in fending off the attacks of insane, predatory gods and all deaths are caused by spiritual murder and have to be avenged by the magical massacre of whole (distant, unknown) communities" Many middle-class bloggers leading comfortable lives spend their spare time in a similar subterranean universe.
The author concludes that these texts portray sociopolitical transformation resulting "not in the abolition of oppression but in its redistribution, not in the end of thymotic striving but rather in its being coerced into pursuits other than those of war or wealth, and not in a peace that is equated with justice but in a peaceableness that is enforced by the terrors of a most outrageous form of injustice" (26).
By 1790, in the wake of the defeat of the campaign to repeal the Test and Corporation Acts, she was showing a defensive pride in the reputation for vigorous discussion that seems more rational-critical than polite: "If, [she wrote in one pamphlet] by the continued peaceableness of our demeanour, and the superior sobriety of our conversation, a sobriety for which we have not quite ceased to be distinguished; if, by our attentions to literature, and that ardent love of liberty which you are pretty ready to allow us, we deserve esteem, we shall enjoy it.
Accordingly, craftivism's sociopolitical value should be evaluated based on not only the policies it helps change in the present but also the ethics of sustainability, thrift, and peaceableness that it suggests for the future.
Waiting for peace means preparation for peaceableness.
One of the major attitudinal obstacles to the acceptance of peaceableness as a desirable social norm," Ms.
79) Of course, most Mennonites during most of their history have valued peaceableness as a virtue in their relationship with the wider society, including its public officials, but, even after the persecution that resulted in flight from the world ceased to be a reality, the so-called Anabaptist Vision emphasized living apart from the world in "little Christendoms" where life lived according to the Sermon on the Mount could flourish.
Still, people who live together have to be able to find a way to peaceableness between them.