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BOTH Melba toast and Peach Melba were named after Dame Nellie Melba, an Australian soprano whose real name was Helen Porter Michell.
Burgundy suede platforms, Office peach melba Hollywood A-lister Sharon Stone, 55, looks pretty as a peach in this melba hue dress worn with a pair of clashing colourful shoes.
PEACH MELBA (SERVES 4) Legend has it that Dame Nellie Melba, the legendary Australian soprano, lent her name this impromptu dessert, which had been thrown together by the great chef Escoffier in a fit of passionate expression, to celebrate the singer's performance of Wagner's Lohengrin.
At the caf on the other side of the road, I anti-bacterialised my hands (that's washed to most of us) and was tempted by the last peach Melba of the cafe's day on the confectionery counter.
Boots Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Peach Melba (pounds 1.
It will be interesting to see when the current sponsorship deal ends at the Huddersfield venue as to whether another new name sits just as comfortably - although I'm fairly sure The Longley Farms Low Fat Peach Melba Yoghurt Stadium may not meet with universal popularity.
Poor boy, he even bought me my first peach melba and they were so expensive - I always made do with a banana split
Nowfor the queen of peach recipes: the Classic Peach Melba, which, you may be surprised to find, is amazingly simple to make.
Jumbo shrimp cocktail, filet of beef Wellington and peach Melba must be Hollywood comfort food.
The dessert itself has much in common with the peach melba, but where they may be different ingredient wise, both classical desserts were made in honour of famous women.
lThere is a Sandown double for Henry Candy and Philip Waldron, as Roses takes the mile heat from Hatched (Henry Cecil/ Gianfranco Dettori), and Pipedreamer beats Peach Melba (Staff Ingham/Geoff Lewis) in the sprint.
Pfirsisch Melba brings the classic peach melba up to date by combining creamy bourbon vanilla ice cream with a peach ice laced with pieces of peach and rounded out with peach and raspberry liqueur.