peach orchard

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Noun1.peach orchard - a grove of peach treespeach orchard - a grove of peach trees    
orchard, woodlet, grove, plantation - garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth
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There was plenty of water and limestone, a rough house, excellent corrals, and a peach orchard.
1-miles of Peach Orchard Road from Hill Creek Road to Turnpike Road
Habitats for pyramidal traps included a woods edge along a peach orchard and woods edges along pecan orchards.
We have something that doesn't exist elsewhere in Lebanon," said Hana Najjar, who owns a family-run peach orchard in the village.
5-foot depths in an adjacent peach orchard where trees had expressed PRD.
It tells the tale of a medical student who spends a summer working in a peach orchard to pay for his final year of tuition.
A typical example is Dream Journey-Childhood, 2007, in which Ahn Gyeon's fifteenth-century Mongyudowondo (Dream Journey to the Land of Peach Blossoms)--a panorama of multipeaked mountains and a nested peach orchard as described by Prince Anpyeong as appearing in his dream--is reconstructed as a twenty-six-foot-wide wall piece made of more than a hundred thousand black blocks against a yellow background.
If you are a fan of peaches and of Sholan Farms, you can help the farm win a peach orchard simply by going online to www.
The INN peach orchard was irrigated by 3 drip emitters per plant along the tree lines with capacity of 4 L/h each, while the INN kiwifruit orchard was uniformly irrigated by a microjet method (120 L/h) over the whole orchard surface.
Isbell often captures surreal details with an artist's eye, like the battle at Sarah Bell's Peach Orchard, where in the midst of brutal combat "pink blossoms fell down on the soldiers, resembling a light snow.
The struggling Darlington Georgia Peach Orchard is the setting for this summer story of friendship and self-discovery.
But that's what visitors at Gettysburg National Military Park Pennsylvania once saw amid the landscape at Peach Orchard, where Confederate troops broke through the Union lines and made a historic run for Cemetery Ridge.