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Noun1.peach pit - the stone seed of a peachpeach pit - the stone seed of a peach    
endocarp, pit, stone - the hard inner (usually woody) layer of the pericarp of some fruits (as peaches or plums or cherries or olives) that contains the seed; "you should remove the stones from prunes before cooking"
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Summary: Washington D.C [USA], Sept 2 (ANI): American actor Brian Austin Green on Friday reunited with his former onscreen best friend Douglas Emerson at the Peach Pit charity pop-up to honour late Luke Perry.
Some of the performers fans can expect to see are Tears for Fears, Gary Clark Jr., Interpol, Dashboard Confessional, Foals, Liz Phair, The Dandy Warhols, Father John Misty, Tash Sultana, Grouplove, Phosphorescent, Peach Pit and The Struts.
The meteorite, the size of a peach pit, arrived Wednesday.
"Little Peach Pit" is a creative fable about perseverance for children ages 5-8.
It contains peach pit extract, an ingredient rich in fatty acids that will hydrate the skin.
With a jig head shaped like an oversize peach pit, and an interchangeable skirt with two trailers, the lure uses its unique design to get deep quickly, even in heavy current.
TIP, Ozma in enchanted form as a boy; when she was later kidnapped by Ugu, he transformed her into a peach pit ("pit" is "Tip" backward)
The Gentle scrub uses peach pit powder for a lighter touch on practically anything else including glass, wood, plastic, and non-stick pans.
A Peach Pit staff innovation has organized the concert schedule in an easier-to-read grid for each day.
You've been in the car for hours, you have graham crackers stuck to your thighs, and one more sec of your little bro screaming and you're tossing him out the window with your peach pit. Never fear--the Road Trip Activity Journal has games, puzzles and activities to put the brakes on "When will we be there?" Because we know you can handle only so many rounds of "I Spy," we have 25 free copies for travellin' gals.
Our customers can't afford to have someone biting into part of a peach pit. With Optyx on the line, we're confident that we're delivering only the finest quality product."