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a. A male peafowl, distinguished by its crested head, brilliant blue or green plumage, and long modified back feathers that are marked with iridescent eyelike spots and that can be spread in a fanlike form.
b. A peafowl, either male or female.
2. A vain or ostentatious person.
intr.v. pea·cocked, pea·cock·ing, pea·cocks
To strut about like a peacock; exhibit oneself vainly.

[Middle English pocock, pecok : po, peacock (from Old English pawa, pēa, peafowl, from Latin pāvō, peacock) + Middle English cok; see cock1.]

pea′cock′ish, pea′cock′y adj.


of or resembling a peacock; ostentatious
obsolete rare in the manner of a peacock
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Former high-profile residents of the 31-story high-rise include Peter Lawford, George Hamilton, Sidney Poitier, David Geffen and peacocky music icon Elton John, who owned a characteristically glammy two-unit combination on the 20th floor that he sold in 2012 for a tad more than $4.6 million.
This disorder may share many of the symptoms of other Type II self-destructive disorders, including a peacocky attitude toward the offspring or Eurasian partner.
And at the moment, he's 'peacocky', which is how I like him to be," says Tate.