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n. pl. peafowl or pea·fowls
Any of three large pheasants, Pavo cristatus of India and Sri Lanka, P. muticus of South and Southeast Asia, or Afropavo congensis of central Africa.

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n, pl -fowls or -fowl
1. (Animals) either of two large pheasants, Pavo cristatus (blue peafowl) of India and Sri Lanka and P. muticus (green peafowl) of SE Asia. The males (peacocks) have a characteristic bright plumage. See peacock1
2. (Animals) a rare closely related African species, Afropavo congensis (Congo peafowl), both sexes of which are brightly coloured
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n., pl. -fowls, (esp. collectively) -fowl.
any of several large gallinaceous birds of the genera Pavo, of S and SE Asia, and Afropavo, of central Africa. Compare peacock, peahen.
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Noun1.peafowl - very large terrestrial southeast Asian pheasant often raised as an ornamental birdpeafowl - very large terrestrial southeast Asian pheasant often raised as an ornamental bird
pheasant - large long-tailed gallinaceous bird native to the Old World but introduced elsewhere
genus Pavo, Pavo - peafowl
peachick, pea-chick - a young peafowl
peacock - male peafowl; having a crested head and very large fanlike tail marked with iridescent eyes or spots
peahen - female peafowl
blue peafowl, Pavo cristatus - peafowl of India and Ceylon
green peafowl, Pavo muticus - peafowl of southeast Asia
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Related words
adjective pavonine
male peacock
female peahen
collective noun muster
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She was nevertheless a rural novelist, living on a farm with her mother and her beloved peafowl because of a hereditary illness (lupus), welcoming visitors after 3:30, and maintaining an extraordinary correspondence.
Further studies on osmotic resistance of nucleated erythrocytes: observation with pigeon, peafowl, lizard and toad erythrocytes during canges in temperature and pH.
Romans enjoyed peafowl eggs, whereas the Chinese preferred those of the pigeon.
In Miami's Coconut Grove neighborhood, a growing number of residents are demanding that city officials take action against the pesky peafowl. But Miami is a bird sanctuary, and it's illegal to kill or trap a peacock or peahen.
A group of tourists at one of the wildlife sanctuaries was asked, "What animals have you seen?" Standing amongst peafowl and langurs, they said, "Nothing, there is nothing here." Another group, after sitting at a water hole for five minutes while two langur troops engaged in fighting, displaying, and whooping through the trees, left because "there are no animals here." The langurs appear to be losing their reputation as Hanuman's namesake and disappearing into that group of creatures considered nonentities.
Peafowl A strictly ornamental bird, the peafowl is usually blue or green in color, with the most distinctive characteristic being the elaborate "eyed" tail of the male peacock.
Explain that in species where males have elaborate sexual displays, like peafowl, females tend to prefer the males with the most exaggerated display traits as mates (Andersson, 1994).
Take a tour round the new Assam Forest, home to a herd of nine Asian elephants as well as hornbills and peafowl. Admission is from pounds 9.54 for adults, from pounds 6.81 for children (under-3s free), family ticket from pounds 30.90.
This has brought about hopes that baby peafowl will soon join the Saint Simeon's family.
Nowadays peacock means 'the male bird of any species of the genus Pavo or peafowl, especially of the common species P.
Also the farm staff, neighbors and kin, the peafowl, the weather.
Yet, while much of the content of these letters is occupied with insignificant, funny bantering between the two--"It is not known by everybody but the peafowl is called peafowl because his favorite dish is peas" (O'Connor 1979: 212)--the most pervasive subjects are race and civil rights.