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A female peafowl.

[Middle English pohen, pehenne : po, peacock; see peacock + hen, female bird; see hen.]



the female peafowl.
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Noun1.peahen - female peafowlpeahen - female peafowl      
bird of Juno, peafowl - very large terrestrial southeast Asian pheasant often raised as an ornamental bird


[ˈpiːhen] Npava f real


[ˈpiːˌhɛn] npavona, pavonessa
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He never has sex with the peahen. The peahen pecks on the tears of the peacock to get pregnant.
Poultry: Pair White Peafowl PS480; Pair Java Green Peacocks PS400; Two Emu Chicks PS280; Pair Opel Peacocks PS200; Three Peafowl PS180; Hen and Chicks PS125; Peach Peahen PS120; Pair Red Breasted Geese PS110; Pair Bronze Pied Peafowl PS100; Opal Black Peahen PS100; Two Saxony PS100; Buff Orpington Pullets PS100; Indian Blue Peafowl PS100; Three Cream Crested Legbar PS95; Trio Silkie Porcelain PS85.
| The peahen and her brood that cross the road through a Staffordshire Village
Gurugram: More than two dozen peacocks and peahen died and more than 100 were found ill in Haryana in a span of a fortnight, forcing authorities to vaccinate over 24,000 birds in poultry farms to prevent the spread of Newcastle disease.
However, they may breed more than one time if their hormonal level is disturbed or eggs previously laid were broken by other aggressive peacocks, ready to mate with peahen. Findings in the present study were similar as reported earlier, and there was no obvious significant difference regarding the breeding interval of P.
Once, what appeared to be a peahen flew and landed on my lawn to feed on the bread that we usually spread on a large flat rock.
Tenders are invited for Supplying ,fitting and fixing of prefabricated fibre glass of peahen sculptures near matangini island on broadway, Under green city project of bidhannagar municipal corporation.
Back in 2011 a number of angry residents from Dalkey, South Dublin, called the RTE Radio One show in a flap over a noisy peahen disrupting the area.
called the cow " as pious as peacock", which he said remains celibate and the peahen gets pregnant after drinking the male's tears.
Egg production per peahen differed significantly in different groups (P < 0.01, F value = 81.53, df = 2).
Five animals have escaped from the zoo since 1948 - a chimpanzee named Cholmondley in 1948, Goldie the eagle in 1965, a red panda in 2009 and a peahen in 2014.
| A very protective peahen mum, she kept pheasants well clear while her chick grazed at Tocketts Mill, Guisborough, by John Mallett, of Normanby