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1. A ringing of a set of bells, especially a change or set of changes rung on bells.
2. A set of bells tuned to each other; a chime.
3. A loud burst of noise: peals of laughter.
v. pealed, peal·ing, peals
To sound in a peal; ring.
To cause to peal.

[Middle English pele, a bell peal, especially as a summons to church, short for apel, appeal; see appeal.]
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Noun1.pealing - a deep prolonged sound (as of thunder or large bells)pealing - a deep prolonged sound (as of thunder or large bells)
sound - the sudden occurrence of an audible event; "the sound awakened them"
References in classic literature ?
Then came pealing through the air a bugle-call that froze my blood - "IT IS I, SOLDIER - COME
All this time the Sonata was pealing through the room.
And still the noble Sonata went pealing through the room: but it was Arthur's masterly touch that roused the echoes, and thrilled my very soul with the tender music of the immortal 'Sonata Pathetique': and it was not till the last note had died away that the tired but happy traveler could bring himself to utter the words "good-night
The bells of the Shrine of the Sacred Heart were pealing on an ordinary weekday night, and those of us who live nearby wondered what it was all about the first time we heard them.
The company plans to upgrade the continuous wire rod mill as well as to establish a pealing and heat treatment facility, among others.
THE bells are still pealing at the Peal O'Bells pub in Holt near Wrexham - thanks to the 80-hour week put in by the landlord - and the closure of a nearby pub.
Alex Pealing has joined Niven Architects in Darlington from Newman Scott, where he led the in-house architectural team for 12 years.