peanut bar

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Noun1.peanut bar - bar of peanuts in taffy
candy, confect - a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
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Trembling like a chav in a bookshop, I pop money into any vending machines I pass; as a chunky peanut bar falls beguilingly into the metal tray, I turn my back and walk mournfully away like Dr David Banner at the end of each Hulk episode.
Then there's Justin's All-Natural Peanut bar (milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel, and nougat).
Well, suppose you're going through a production line and you're doing a peanut bar.
An indoor peanut bar, beer garden, food court, cigar lounge and museum will also welcome bikers from around the country.
The peanut brittle, now known as Peanut Bar, remains an important part of Lance's[sup.
Breakfast: two eggs, scrambled, and a mini Babybel cheese Snack: Soya nuts Lunch: Tuna with light mayo sandwich, with carrots and cucumber Snack: Peanut bar Dinner: grilled chicken, potato and broccoli Snack: mini Babybel cheese and peanut butter and oatcake
A bag of chips or a peanut bar is still a pretty inexpensive way to satisfy one's desire for a tasty treat.
You have four meals a day, three of which are supplements, with the treat being something like a fruit or peanut bar.
The idea came about while he was visiting a lab where magnetrons *, the power tubes of radars, were being tested and he felt a peanut bar start to cook in his pocket.
Chocolate and peanut bar Marathon was renamed Snickers, while Opal Fruits became Starburst.
As for the future, other products on the go include a caramel peanut bar (similar to Snickers), a whipped bar (Milky Way), and a coconut countline (Bounty).
It began on Austin's historic 6th Street as a one man show, spearheaded by Steve Green, and it went by the name of Pete's Peanut Bar & Piano Emporium.