peanut bar

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Noun1.peanut bar - bar of peanuts in taffy
candy, confect - a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
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FOCUS organic chocolate peanut bar, lot # FA01881, tested positive for almond allergen not declared on the product label.
Trembling like a chav in a bookshop, I pop money into any vending machines I pass; as a chunky peanut bar falls beguilingly into the metal tray, I turn my back and walk mournfully away like Dr David Banner at the end of each Hulk episode.
Then there's Justin's All-Natural Peanut bar (milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel, and nougat).
Well, suppose you're going through a production line and you're doing a peanut bar.
An indoor peanut bar, beer garden, food court, cigar lounge and museum will also welcome bikers from around the country.
There's even the wrapper from a Planters Peanut Bar, "as lovingly preserved as a pressed autumn leaf," which Tanenhaus imagines [John] Updike using to come up with the novel's vivid description of Rabbit dumping the "sweet crumbs out of the wrapper into his palm and with his tongue lick[ing] them all up like an anteater"--one of those actions we've all done but would be at pains to describe.
Breakfast: two eggs, scrambled, and a mini Babybel cheese Snack: Soya nuts Lunch: Tuna with light mayo sandwich, with carrots and cucumber Snack: Peanut bar Dinner: grilled chicken, potato and broccoli Snack: mini Babybel cheese and peanut butter and oatcake
A bag of chips or a peanut bar is still a pretty inexpensive way to satisfy one's desire for a tasty treat.
You have four meals a day, three of which are supplements, with the treat being something like a fruit or peanut bar.