pearl fishery

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Noun1.pearl fishery - a fishery where they fish for pearl oysters
fishery, piscary - a workplace where fish are caught and processed and sold
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Documents include maps, pearl fishery reports, academic articles, and video and audio recordings of traditional sea music from Qatar.
From the pristine waters of Western Australia and Northern Territory, the pearl fishery which produces pearls, pearl meat and mother of pearl products will be examined over a 12 to 18 month by a team of independent scientists to determine whether it meets MSC standard.
He said the legendary explorer and traveller mentioned Bahrain several times in his memoirs, particularly the country's historic pearl fishery, freshwater springs and agriculture.
The questionnaire was designed to determine how large and important the pearl fishery was in the past and where the most productive grounds were located, and to assess how many oysters were currently present and where they were.
The First World War had a bad impact on pearl fishery.
She notes the brilliance of its descriptions of the chaotic pearl fishery Woolf supervised, the grisly hangings he oversaw as an official, and his expeditions into the jungle, which fuelled his novel.
Instead, he grossly abused his authority to enrich himself in the pearl fishery and the slave trade.