pearl gray

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pearl gray

A light gray, from yellowish to light bluish gray.

pearl′-gray′ adj.

pearl′ gray′

a very pale bluish gray.
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Adj.1.pearl gray - of a grey with a pearly tinge
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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The combination of mosaic work, silk embroideries, sheer detailing and appliques with shades of blue, yellow, pearl gray and white stood out from what has been showcased so far.
The Gray and White version a one side elegant pearl gray, the other a soft matte white and a translucent that is see through or clear.
The colour palette goes from vibrant blues to lacquered red, from a golden yellow to an elegant pearl gray, with touches of black and white.
Gray and her husband, William, of Leominster; two grandchildren, Michelle and Bret Caiazzi of Scarborough, Maine; and two step-grandchildren, Pearl Gray of Queens, N.
Dusky rose, pearl gray, pale lavender, beige, and light blue all provide just a hint of hue.
LG's current front-load line is available in wild cherry, pearl gray and midnight blue, he said, adding that wild cherry has been one of the more successful colors.
Pearl Gray of the rape crisis centre said Judge Finnegan "did everything he could".
They offer the same pearl gray finish as Destroyit shredders to blend with office environments.
Monograms are off the sleeve and now positioned the third or fourth button down and usually in a soft pearl gray.
There also are several paintings of pearl gray and beige squares on white grounds or white squares on gray-beige grounds.