Having a pearlescent finish.


(ˈpɜːlaɪzd) or


having or given a pearly lustre: a pearlized lipstick.


(ˈpɜr laɪzd)

resembling or made to resemble mother-of-pearl; iridescent.
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TFI Envision also changed the bottles to a consistent, clean, bright, pearlized white plastic with a clear, matte label substrate that disappears onto the bottle, creating a seamless look.
Triboa Bay's 'Abyss' wall lamp has concentric circles routed into its laminated timber face, with textures stained into a pearlized finish that catches light and shadow, setting-off a shimmery glow.
The promotional lookbook of unique surface design is crafted on papers from The Design Collection, Neenah's range of pearlized surfaces, unique textures and dramatic colors, inspired by Italy's top fashion houses and America's leading designers.
Tenders are invited for 24 gallon of soap, hand, moisturizer, white pearlized soap, must be compatible with zep d-4000 dispenser.
Sabatier will also offer French-made cutlery with features such as pearlized and olive wood handles, and updates on the classic triple-riveted handle design.
The pearlized wedding invitations consisted of a six-page solicitous program that resulted in no regrets.
For the table, accent the beauty of the natural shells with pearlized and gold paints and nontoxic sealers to create useful objects such as salt and pepper cellars, candy dishes, and bread plates.
Both LabelWorks printers support more than 40 EPSON LC Tape cartridges, which are available in a wide range of unique colors and materials such as glow-in-the-dark, metallic silver and pearlized blue.
They offer a wide variety of tape cartridges--more than 40 of them--in both traditional colors and specialized media such as fluorescent, pearlized, iron-on, reflective, and glow-in-the-dark.
The company reports Acclean's pearlized white varnish sets rapidly on contact with saliva; dries to a natural tooth color; and remains on the tooth surface for up to 8 hours, optimizing fluoride uptake and reducing the risk of fluoride ingestion.
NDC Infrared Engineering has developed a new infrared optical technique to measure the thickness of clear, filled, voided and pearlized films.
Duo-chromatic pigments and magnificent pearlized powders create sensational multi-dimensional effects.