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Adj.1.pearly-white - of a white the color of pearls
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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Aside from her pretty face, Chen also has pearly-white teeth.
Cowell: I let 'fat Gaz' slip away * HE'S the star-maker with the power to make or break a career with a flash of his pearly-white veneers.
Congenital lesions are uncommon; they are seen in young children, they occur in the anterosuperior part of the middle ear, they measure 3 mm or more in diameter, and they usually present as a pearly-white, closed keratinous cyst behind an intact tympanic membrane (figure 1).
But she still managed to flash her trademark pearly-white smile for waiting photographers as she left the popular celebrity haunt.
Margaret Merril - very fragrant, floribunda rose with pearly-white blooms and dark-green glossy foliage.
Instead,her pneumatic chest, squeezed into a cleavage that would make your granny blush, is almost as gleaming as her set of grinning, pearly-white teeth.