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also pea·vy  (pē′vē)
n. pl. pea·veys also pea·vies
An implement consisting of a wooden shaft with a metal point and a hinged hook near the end, used to handle logs.

[After Joseph Peavey (fl. 1875), American inventor.]
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(ˈpiːvɪ) or


n, pl -veys or -vies
(Forestry) US and Canadian a wooden lever with a metal pointed end and a hinged hook, used for handling logs. Compare canthook
[C19: named after Joseph Peavey, American who invented it]
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(ˈpi vi)

n., pl. -veys.
a cant hook with a sharply pointed end, used in handling logs.
[1865–70, Amer.; after Joseph Peavey]
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Noun1.peavey - a stout lever with a sharp spikepeavey - a stout lever with a sharp spike; used for handling logs
cant hook - a peavey having a hook instead of a spike; used for handling logs
lever - a rigid bar pivoted about a fulcrum
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Despite all odds, we kept on limping towards the rays of hope; were those be the wars with the neighbor or the fall of our one part; was it our imposed indulgence in famous cold war or some peavey sort of separation movements but with strong hearts and firm believes we succeeded to land at that meritorious moment when no compromises were able to take charge on our rousing sentiments and we became the first Islamic country with nuclear deterrence.
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