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1. A small stone, especially one worn smooth by erosion.
a. Clear colorless quartz; rock crystal.
b. A lens made of such quartz.
3. Geology A rock fragment between 4 and 64 millimeters (0.16 and 2.51 inches) in diameter, especially one that has been naturally rounded.
4. An irregularly rough, grainy surface, as on leather or paper.
tr.v. peb·bled, peb·bling, peb·bles
1. To pave with pebbles.
2. To impart an irregularly rough, grainy surface to (leather or paper).
3. To pelt with pebbles.

[Middle English pobble, pibel, pebul, from Old English papol- (as in papolstān, pebblestone).]

peb′bly adj.


(Curling) curling the act of spraying the rink with drops of hot water to slow down the stone
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Pebbling on graphs was first introduced by Chung [1].
In addition, denote by [??](H) and [??](v) the number of pebbles on H and the number of pebbles on v after a specified sequence of pebbling moves, respectively.
A transmitting subgraph is a path ([v.sub.0], [v.sub.1],..., [v.sub.k]) such that there are at least two pebbles on [v.sub.0], and after a sequence of pebbling moves, one can transmit a pebble from [v.sub.0] to [v.sub.k].