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1. Sinful; guilty.
2. Violating a rule or an accepted practice; erring.

[Latin peccāns, peccant-, present participle of peccāre, to sin; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]

pec′can·cy n.
pec′cant·ly adv.


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) guilty of an offence; corrupt
2. violating or disregarding a rule; faulty
3. (Pathology) producing disease; morbid
[C17: from Latin peccans, from peccāre to sin]
ˈpeccancy n
ˈpeccantly adv


(ˈpɛk ənt)

1. sinning; guilty of a moral offense.
2. violating a rule or principle; faulty; wrong.
[1595–1605; < Latin peccant- (s. of peccāns), present participle of peccāre to err, offend; see -ant]
pec′can•cy, n.
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Adj.1.peccant - liable to sin; "a frail and peccable mortal"- Sir Walter Scott
wicked - morally bad in principle or practice


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It is allowed, that senates and great councils are often troubled with redundant, ebullient, and other peccant humours; with many diseases of the head, and more of the heart; with strong convulsions, with grievous contractions of the nerves and sinews in both hands, but especially the right; with spleen, flatus, vertigos, and deliriums; with scrofulous tumours, full of fetid purulent matter; with sour frothy ructations: with canine appetites, and crudeness of digestion, besides many others, needless to mention.
But let us call to Synod all the Blest Through Heav'ns wide bounds; from them I will not hide My judgments, how with Mankind I proceed, As how with peccant Angels late they saw; And in thir state, though firm, stood more confirmd.
Therefore, I believe, the lateral uses secular activists, atheists or non-Jews, make of the tikkun concept is neither peccant nor indecorous.
Although the passage does not offer a substantial decline in traditional form, it is a decline nevertheless and a measurable one--a 21 percent bleeding off of traditional forms since the poor streamed into the church and infected it with the "humours of the peccant social wound" (4-544).
have in their composition a vegetable corpuscle, analogous to the corpuscle of the blood; this corpuscle, of vegetable origin, becomes incorporated with a mass of the circulating life-giving fluid, and IMPARTS A FERMENTATIVE POWER which occasions the blood to throw out all infective, poisonous, or peccant matters, thereby entirely purifying the whole volume of blood in the circulation.
2 co.: "Respondeo dicendum, quod ea quae sunt supra facultatem humanam et naturae, a solo Deo requirenda sunt; et ideo sicut graviter peccat qui illud quod est Dei, creaturae impendit per idolatriae cultum; ita graviter peccant qui ea quae a Deo expetenda sunt, auxilio Daemonum implorant: et hujusmodi est vaticinatio de futuro; unde dicitur Isai.
Now Eastern loses money hand over fist weighed down by peccant corruption.