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n. pl. pe·co·ri·nos
An Italian cheese, especially Romano, made from sheep's milk.

[Italian, of ewes, pecorino, from pecora, ewe, sheep, from Latin, cattle, pl. of pecus; see peku- in Indo-European roots.]


(Cookery) an Italian cheese made from ewes' milk
[C20: from Italian, literally: of ewes, from pecora sheep, from Latin pecus]
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The business has expanded now to include a broad selection of Italian specialty cheeses that Lanza selects himself from all over Italy, including five canestrati (sheep's milk cheeses), various pecorinos, pasta filata, and others.
Pecorino refers to any one of a number of sheep's milk cheeses made in Italy (pecora means sheep), particularly in the regions of Tuscany, Lazio (Rome), Sardinia, and Sicily.