pectoralis major

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Noun1.pectoralis major - a skeletal muscle that adducts and rotates the armpectoralis major - a skeletal muscle that adducts and rotates the arm
musculus pectoralis, pecs, pectoral, pectoral muscle, pectoralis - either of two large muscles of the chest
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It's rare to move your elbow in complete isolation; other muscles of the upper arm, chest, and back, including your pectoralis major (pecs), latissimus dorsi (lats), and deltoids, are the bigger muscles that frequently move along with the triceps, so it's important to include strengthening exercises for these muscles in your fitness program as well.
The intersection point of the biceps brachii muscle with the lower border of the pectoralis major muscle is defined as the proximal level (P).
These include the transfer of the trapezius, pectoralis major and teres major, latissimus dorsi, combined biceps and triceps, gracilis, and combined muscle transfers.
9) Based on studies by Gertrude Beer the NAC was designed to run parallel to the fibres of the pectoralis major.
Protein from one end of Pectoralis major muscles was extracted according to Laville et al [10] with slight modifications.
The right pectoralis major muscle was reflected to expose the 10 cm defect in the third intercostal space.
After discussion at the multi-disciplinary meeting, Mr S was recommended and scheduled for a right hemi-mandibulectomy, selective neck dissection, fibular free flap reconstruction, pectoralis major flap reconstruction and tracheostomy.
05) increases in FEV1, FEV1 /FVC1, latissimusdorsi strength, pectoralis major clavicular portion strength, pectoralis major sternocostal portion strength and emotional and digestion HRQOL domains, while decreasing pectoralis minor strength on the left and social, body image and respiration HRQOL domains.
For the pectoralis major muscle, the electrodes were placed midway between the axilla and the areola.
Surgical interventions include sternocleidomastoid myoplasty, radial forearm free flaps, and pectoralis major flaps.
Palpation of the cervical spine, anterior chest wall, and periscapular muscles revealed a hypertonic and tender rhomboid major, levator scapulae, trapezius, and pectoralis major on the right.
2007) investigated the effects of a PE sequence on upper-body muscle activation during bench press exercise and reported that performing a pec deck exercise immediately prior to a bench press led to similar sEMG amplitude of both the anterior deltoid and pectoralis major muscles.