pectoralis minor

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Noun1.pectoralis minor - a skeletal muscle that draws down the scapula or raises the ribspectoralis minor - a skeletal muscle that draws down the scapula or raises the ribs
musculus pectoralis, pecs, pectoral, pectoral muscle, pectoralis - either of two large muscles of the chest
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Extrinsic factors that can add to the advancement of RC tendinopathy by diminishing the subacromial space incorporate anatomic variations of the acromion, modifications in scapular or humeral kinematics, postural anomalies, deficiencies in the execution of rotator cuff and scapular muscles or diminished flexibility of pectoralis minor or posterior shoulder.7
The needle was subsequently advanced further until its tip was located in the interfascial plane between the pectoralis minor and serratus anterior muscles, and an additional 20 ml of 0.25% ropivacaine was administered above the serratus anterior muscles (Figure 1).
Surgical exploration revealed a large amount of purulent fluid in between the pectoralis minor and major muscles, and the diagnosis of pyomyositis was reached.
Examples include posterior pelvic tilt (with suggestions to strengthen spinal extensors and hip flexors and stretch abdominal muscles) or winged scapula (with suggestions to strengthen serratus anterior and lower trapezius and stretch pectoralis minor).
Dysphagia, cranial dysmorphism, extremity anomalies, hypoplasia of the pectoralis minor muscle (Poland anomaly) and mental deficiency may also be observed in association (1).
And if this were not enough, UCS also increases the likelihood of all three myofascial forms of thoracic outlet syndrome: pectoralis minor syndrome, costoclavicular syndrome, and anterior scalene syndrome.
Using a blunt dissection, a subpectoral pocket was developed, without affecting pectoralis minor muscle.
[3] The possible mechanisms leading to the fracture are coracoclavicular ligament avulsion during an AC dislocation; a direct blow to the process, or extremely forceful contraction of the biceps and/or the pectoralis minor muscles.
The ADM, which may be of fetal bovine, porcine, or human cadaver origin, acts as a "pectoralis extender," covering the inferolateral portion of the TE and obviating the need for elevation of the serratus anterior muscle, the pectoralis minor muscle, and the rectus abdominis fascia [25, 30-35].
The thoracic outlet includes three confined spaces extending from the cervical spine and mediastinum to the lower border of the pectoralis minor muscle.
Results: The RTG displayed significant (p[?]0.05) increases in FEV1, FEV1 /FVC1, latissimusdorsi strength, pectoralis major clavicular portion strength, pectoralis major sternocostal portion strength and emotional and digestion HRQOL domains, while decreasing pectoralis minor strength on the left and social, body image and respiration HRQOL domains.