pedal bin

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Combining sleek style with reliable practicality this Brabantia pedal bin is a great way to add colour to your room.
Pedal bin, PS15, M&S These freshener sticks will ensure the bathroom is always pleasantly fragrant.
com FOR accessories from blankets, candles, cushions and rugs but a Salter 30L Dahlia pedal bin, down from PS59.
Pyramid kettle, PS39; three storage jars, PS16; fruit bowl, PS8; microwave, PS75; four-toaster, PS35; bread bin, PS28; pedal bin, PS48; oven gloves, PS8.
Or, for a softer look, add the Orla Kiely pedal bin - its bright yellow lid will add a splash of colour, uplifting the look of your kitchen.
The only negative comments have come from husband Ty who was fed up with watching Sue fish items out of the kitchen pedal bin.
I found one at Lakeland - the Superhuman slimline pedal bin in stainless steel.
The stylish series comprises five items: a pedal bin, toilet brush, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and a small box with a mirror.
I think I watched a YouTube video of a dog which had hilariously learned to operate a pedal bin after that.
You can get a bumper crop of potatoes from chits sown in an old pedal bin, and salad crops grow well in pretty much anything, thinned out and in a nice sunny spot.
Pryce, from Bradford, pushed Mr O'Brien, who had armed himself with a rounders bat "for his own protection", causing him to stumble backwards and hit his head and neck on a pedal bin.
In his brand new show, he'll be putting his foot down and lifting the lid on the pedal bin of lies of the media.