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The scope of this call for quotes is the supply of quantity twenty (20) freestanding laundry pedal bins with wheels for mdh.
Taupe features across a range of Brabantia waste bins, including the 30-litre Touch Bin and five pedal bins in five, 12, 20 and 30-litre sizes.
Used pedal bins as ventriloquist dummies - may be the biggest dummy yet.
When pedal bins first came out somebody convinced me they would make a great Christmas present.
The white clover design is printed on a range of products including classic pedal bins, bread bins, canisters and biscuit barrel.
They are set to complement a new range of Brabantia products, including the 30-litre and 50-litre touch bin, five, 12 and 20-litre pedal bins, as well as a selection of food canisters - from 1.
The company is landing contracts at home and abroad for the stub bins, powder coated bins in various colours, jumbo litter bins, outdoor plastic, general purpose and pedal bins.
Products include storage canisters, corkscrews, pedal bins and more.
of windows in the annex, - dismantling electrical and sanitary installations in the additional building - installation of new electrical and sanitary installations in the annexe , - finishing works in an annex - floor tiles, veneer wall tiles, plaster works, plaster, painting, - installation of the equipment sanitary facilities - puncture transition to annex - installation of elevators 8 passenger with a capacity of 630 kg with dimensions of 110 x 140 cm undervalued pit and headroom of the engine room elevator ski hire in the room with glass - complete equipment for sanitary facilities in the mirror, automatic soap dispensers, dryers pocket to hand, pedal bins and toilet brushes (tuba standing with lid), fittings, stainless steel
I put in soap dishes, toothbrush mugs and small pedal bins.
FAMILIES were last night raiding the linings of their pockets and pedal bins in the search for an unclaimed National Lottery ticket worth more than half a million pounds.
These are mainly purchase of - Roll-away containers- Garbage bag holders- Of outdoor trash- Various types of garbage bags- Transparent garbage bags with a storage volume of 50 or 110 l- Translucent and colored trash bags, suitable for selective waste sorting- Bags anti-perforation trash, specifically selected for their perfect sealing bag and soundness of funds- Rubble bags- Pedal bins inside- Mobile within bins- Stackable bins inside and adapted for manual opening or pedals- Office bins adapted to selective sorting of waste- Cleanliness of trucks- Waste clips- Demineralized water, suitable for battery maintenance of electrical waste vacuums.