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Adj.1.pederastic - of homosexuality between a man and a boy
homosexual - sexually attracted to members of your own sex
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Similarly in Death in Venice, young Tadzio represents the singular erotic figure with which Aschenbach becomes fixated, thus both texts portray the double, inextricable transgressions of homosexual and pederastic desire and may, in fact, be more specifically defined as tales of pederastic awakening.
The images of hevrutah intimacy in Jewish queer literature are sometimes strikingly reminiscent of the typical Athenian images of pederastic relationships between mentors-lovers and their students-beloveds (erastes/eromenos pairs).
Pederastic associations are implied but not elaborated: Pericles was urging citizens to love the young democracy.
Also relevant is the erotic component of the Socratic/Platonic philosophical system, especially Socrates' confessed pederastic inclinations.
Detailed discussion of passages from William Shakespeare, John Lyly, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, and other early modern dramatists provides insights that illuminate Johnston's notable depiction of the dutifully submissive beardless boy--heroine, who parades herself as a pederastic boy in order to marry a bearded man to whom she has 'managed to establish her erotic subordination' (p.
Philippides (2011, 100-1) acknowledges the possible pederastic connotations of the name Paegnium, but denies its relevance to Tyndarus, who is renamed Paegnium, in Captivi (though cf.
92), such were, in fact, the pederastic masquerades prepared for James at Wilton.
Depicting the relationship of Hyacinth and Apollo as pederastic would continue through the 16th century.
And although the emotional power of these relationships in literature was usually baffled in the sentimental language of schoolboy friendship and swathed in a Platonizing rhetoric, Greek pederastic tradition made writers aware of the sexual undertones (Crompton 267-68; Hekma 435-40).
City University music lecturer Ian Pace told Exaro investigative website: "Some of Hindley's writings certainly show a strong interest in pederastic elements.
For a period starting in the 800s and ending in the mid 1800s, pederastic relationships, poetry, art and spirituality were a prominent and pervasive feature of Islamic culture from Moorish Spain to Northern India.
The poet Solon gushed about pederasty in his poem "Boys and Sport," and tradition tells us that the warrior group the Sacred Band of Thebes comprised pederastic man-youth pairings.