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 (pē′dē-ə-trĭsh′ən) also pe·di·at·rist (-ăt′rĭst)
A physician who specializes in pediatrics.
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(Medicine) the US spelling of paediatrician
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(ˌpi di əˈtrɪʃ ən)

a physician who specializes in pediatrics.
Sometimes, pe`di•at′rist (-ˈæ trɪst)
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- Comes from Greek pais/paidos, "child," and iatros, "physician."
See also related terms for physician.
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Specialist in the diseases and disorders of babies and children.
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Noun1.pediatrician - a specialist in the care of babiespediatrician - a specialist in the care of babies  
medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine
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n. pediatra, médico-a especialista en enfermedades de la infancia.
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n pediatra mf
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Over and above their wages as Gesy doctors, overtime GP and pediatricians will be paid e1/440 per hour on weekdays, while weekend doctors will make e1/460 an hour, regardless of the number of patients they see.
Therefore, expecting parents should find a pediatrician for their child as soon as possible to ensure that well-child visits can begin immediately after the child is born.
In 1936, Del Mundo became the first woman pediatrician to be admitted to Harvard Medical School.
Pediatrician perspectives on children's access to mental health services: Consequences and potential solutions.
While choosing a pediatrician who values shared decision making is important, this open and trusting relationship is built over time through regular visits.
The objective of the current study was to investigate the effect of pediatrician supply on under-5 mortality in Japan, that is, in a setting with a relatively low physician-to-population ratio and low rates of infant mortality, by exploring medical district-level variations in pediatrician coverage from 2000 to 2010.
Most pediatricians and family physicians reported having some families refuse vaccines, and 4% of family physicians and 21% of pediatricians reported dismissal of these families from their practices, findings of a survey showed.
* Concerns over the ingredients in vaccinations, according to 51% of the pediatrician respondents.
Luckily, mom of six Kris Jenner chose a good pediatrician for her kids and Kourtney was able to retain the same doctor's services.
Half the children received "doctor office collaborative care," where a trained behavioral health clinician, known as a care manager, collaborated with the child's pediatrician to deliver mental health services in the pediatrician's office.
PLAINTIFF'S CLAIM Because the pediatrician had cared for other male members of the family, he should have been aware of the family's wishes regarding circumcision.
In this situation, no pediatrician gives the same advice as any of the others.