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 (pĕd′ĭ-sĕl′ĭt, -āt′)
adj. Biology
Having or supported by a pedicel.
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Brazilian Cherry has racemose inflorescences with the presence of inserted pedicellate flowers in the leaf axils (ANGELY, 1965; ROMAGNOLO; SOUZA, 2006; SILVA; PINHEIRO, 2007).
Asci bitunicate, obclaviform, apically rounded, shortly pedicellate,8-spored, 50-75 x (-13.5) 15-19 [micro]m.
As these tumors are usually pedicellate, simple excision of the tumor with preservation of the valve texture is often sufficient.
The other flower type, called pedicellate spikelets (PS), do not make seeds.
The plants named as Senegalia are distinguished by having prickles and no stipular spines, petioles with glands and absence of phyllodes, pedicellate ovaries with glands at the base, and porate pollen grains (Seigler et al., (2006b) Senegalia saltilloensis was described by Britton & Rose (1928) selecting as the type E.
Jatropha vernicosa (Brandegee) is a monoecious shrub 2-3 m tall with simple leaves and bright pedicellate. Flowering occurs in August and September; after the summer rains, it develops white flower inflorescence.
7 FGCC/BLS 10 Chains of single-celled conidia are produced in basipetal succession from a specialisedconidiogenous cell called a phialide produced singly in groups orfrom branched metulae, giving a brush-like appearance (a Penicillus) 8 FGCC/BLS 11 Macro conidia are hyaline, two- to several-celled, fusiform- to sickle-shaped, mostly with an elongated apical cell and pedicellate basal cell.
Male flowers are pedicellate, with five greenish or whitish tepals and five stamens with flaccid filaments opposite the tepals.
Flowers larger than 4 cm in length, pedicellate, bisexual, corolla 6-merous; stamens longer than width, dimorphic, filaments slender, anthers dorsifixed.
Sorghum produces two types of spikelets: the sessile spikelets and the pedicellate spikelets.