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 (pĕd′ĭ-sĕl′ĭt, -āt′)
adj. Biology
Having or supported by a pedicel.
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Male flowers are pedicellate, with five greenish or whitish tepals and five stamens with flaccid filaments opposite the tepals.
Sorghum produces two types of spikelets: the sessile spikelets and the pedicellate spikelets.
6 mm diameter, short pedicellate, the pedicels filiform, 1.
Pedicellate cylindrical upper ovary surmounted by a style emerging from a corolla and ending in a stigma divided in two very wide sensitive laminae (as in martinia).
4 to 5 mm wide, pedicellate, with a persistent calyx of five sepals and gynoecium of two superior carpels; the styles, where preserved, are persistent and appressed to one another or free.