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pe·dic·u·lar 1

Of, relating to, or caused by lice.

[Latin pēdiculāris, from pēdiculus, diminutive of pēdis, louse; see pezd- in Indo-European roots.]

pe·dic·u·lar 2

Of or relating to a pedicle.
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1. (Pathology) relating to, infested with, or caused by lice
2. (Biology) biology of or relating to a stem, stalk, or pedicle
[C17: from Latin pedīculāris, from pedīculus, diminutive of pedis louse]
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(pəˈdɪk yə lər)

of or pertaining to lice.
[1650–60; < Latin pēdiculāris, derivative of pēdiculus, diminutive of pēdis louse; see -cule1, -ar1]
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Freehand pedicle screw placement in the lumbar spine has enjoyed wide acceptance but screw placement in the thoracic spine is more challenging due to the critical regional neurovascular anatomy and the narrow pedicular corridor mandating higher accuracy and precision.3 The modern surgeon has excellent aides to enhance accuracy and safety of placement of pedicle screws in the spine which include intraoperative C-arm fluoroscopy, intraoperative computer tomography (CT), and computer-assisted navigation.4
As much as possible, the pedicular and epidural mass was resected from a lateral route.
In essence, flap necrosis is often a preventable complication if the tissue is handled gently when preparing the flap and care is taken to not impair the pedicular structure of the flap.
Yong Qiu with the use of PediGuard technology in training junior surgeons in China for pedicular screw placement.
To correct this, detethering was done at the L3 level, laminectomy was done from L2 to L3 with pedicular screw fixation from T3 to L2, and bone grafting with right costoplasty was done from the 3rd to the 6th ribs.
Lumbar magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed an abscess formation with peripheral enhancement, over 5 cm in diameter, extending to the L5-S1 pedicular screws and under the skin posterior to L4-L5.
Se aprecian las celulas coronulares, espirales, oospora, la celula esteril, pedicular y la nodal.
Surgical Treatment of Angular Pott's Kyphosis with Posterior Approach, Pedicular Wedge Osteotomy and Canal Widening.
Puede verse, por ejemplo, para los estudios realizados por Dedouit y colaboradores, a 35 cuerpos; de las 35 exploraciones, diez revelaron malformaciones esqueleticas, fracturas antiguas, o fracturas no consolidada en el cuello de femur derecho (Figura 8 a); una fractura de la primera vertebra cervical a nivel pedicular izquierdo (Figura 8b); una columna lumbar con material de osteosintesis (Figura 8c); una calcificacion en el ligamento tirohioideo izquierdo (Figura 8d), espondilolistesis bilateral istmica de la quinta vertebra lumbar, y un angioma vertebral toracico(60, 61).
For low transverse sacral fracture, there have been only two reports regarding surgical repair, locking plate [10], pedicular screws [7], and hook systems [7].