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(pɪˈdɪkjʊlɪt; -ˌleɪt)
(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Pediculati, a large order of teleost fishes containing the anglers
(Animals) any fish belonging to the order Pediculati
[C19: from Latin pedīculus little foot; see pedicel]


(pəˈdɪk yə lɪt, -ˌleɪt)

1. of or pertaining to the Lophiiformes (Pediculati), an order of marine fishes characterized by armlike pectoral fins and a dorsal spine modified into a lure.
2. a pediculate fish.
[1855–60; < New Latin Pediculati. See pedicle, -ate1]
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Using the classification of "bifid" (split into cleft and bifurcate subtypes) and "nonbifid" (split into acinate, obtuse, pediculate, and clavate), the results show no differences between the subtypes but significant differences in C3-C6 for bifurcated versus nonbifurcated classifications.
Asci bitunicate, clavate, external wall granulated, shortly pediculate, 8-spored, with a fluorescent cap-shaped apical plug, 175-350 x 43-53 [my]m.
Osteochondroma may have a thin stalk (pediculate) or be broad based (sessile) [3-5].