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a. A line of ancestors; a lineage.
b. A list of ancestors; a family tree.
2. A chart of an individual's ancestors used in human genetics to analyze Mendelian inheritance of certain traits, especially of familial diseases.
3. A list of the ancestors of a purebred animal.
4. A continuous history or series of precedents, especially considered as evidence of respectability or legitimacy: "The practice of larding legislation with special interest lucre has, of course, a lengthy pedigree in American politics" (Jonathan Chait).

[Middle English pedegru, from Anglo-Norman pe de grue : pe, foot (from Latin pēs; see pedi-) + de, of (from Latin ; see de-) + grue, crane (from the resemblance of a crane's foot to the lines of succession on a genealogical chart) (from Vulgar Latin *grūā, from Latin grūs, gru-; see gerə- in Indo-European roots).]

ped′i·greed′ adj.
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Adj.1.pedigreed - having a list of ancestors as proof of being a purebred animal
purebred - bred for many generations from member of a recognized breed or strain
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She took their breaths away by the prices given and received for pedigreed Persians, pedigreed Ohio Improved Chesters, pedigreed Scotch collies, and pedigreed Jerseys.
Also, the ten acres have come pretty close to paying for the whole twenty, as well as for this house, and all the outbuildings, and all the pedigreed stock."
>From a pedigreed yellow pup I grew up to be an anonymous yellow cur looking like a cross between an Angora cat and a box of lemons.
Indeed, I miraculously recovered from premature death as a six-year-old during World War II to face you tonight as a recycled octogenarian; I journeyed as a poor newsboy in the backstreets of Sampaloc, Manila, to the presidency of the most widely read broadsheet in our country; as an ignorant Catholic to membership in the highest lay council of the Catholic Church in the Vatican; as a frustrated applicant for graduate studies to father of five wonderful children who each achieved my impossible dream of finishing in a pedigreed US university; as a lowly bootblack to being welcomed in the board rooms of the largest blue chips in our country; as an aspiring chemical engineer to a reluctant lawyer and, finally, to the highest magistracy of our country.
February - Valentine's Cat Show Featuring 225 Pedigreed and Non-Pedigreed Cats Benefits Cat Care Society February 18 and 19 at the Adams County Fairgrounds
Unlike the PN Haksars, Sharda Prasad, RK Dhawan, ML Fotedars of the 1970s and 80s, in circa 2012 they hold fancy degrees from top institutions, come from pedigreed families and bring with them a number crunching ability that is a force multiplier for a politician.
The MSPCA will present Peoples Choice awards for the two top cats with the most votes: one pedigreed and one household.
Join the collectors who travel from faraway places for pedigreed Biedermeier (1815-1848) armoires, chests, chairs and more at Elizabeth Rice, Inc., 1467 Main St., Sarasota (941) 954-8575.
1), scientists at North Carolina State's College of Veterinary Medicine report on a 16-year study of mixed-breed and pedigreed cats seen at the college's veterinary teaching hospital.
After all, at 600 pence, my valuation paradigm tells me I am buying one of the world's pedigreed international money-centre banks at all of one times forward book value.
Thus, the pedigreed Dadaist strategies of "mimetic exacerbation" (as Hal Foster terms it) are reduced to a kind of niche-en-abyme community of echoing pantomimes.