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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of children.

pe′do·don′tist (-dŏn′tĭst) n.
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Noun1.pedodontist - a dentist who specializes in the care of children's teeth
dental practitioner, dentist, tooth doctor - a person qualified to practice dentistry
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n. dentista infantil.
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A study conducted in Agha Khan University Hospital, reported the need of trained and skilled pedodontist in the country.11 It is often assumed that students do not make their career preferences until after they have graduated from dental college.7However, not only graduated dentists, but even dental students in their early years, often have strong preferences for or against some dental fields.
Dr Sajjad Hasim Mithiborwal, specialist pedodontist, Prime Medical Centre, Dubai, helps parents understand the many issues surrounding dental health in young children:
Meghna Bajaj Lakhani - Best Emerging Pedodontist In Mumbai.
A multidisciplinary approach involving a team of dermatologist, pediatrician, and dental surgeon team (periodontist, pedodontist and prosthodontist) is important for overall care of the patient with PLS.
Treatment of severely mutilated incisors: A challenge to the pedodontist. J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent 2007;25:34-6.
Dental team including a pedodontist and oral surgeon should plan a regular follow-up procedure and the consecutive prosthetic rehabilitation aiming to achieve a better occlusal harmony.
Early prosthetic therapy for children with ectodermal dysplasia provides a unique opportunity for cooperative effort between the pedodontist and the prosthodontist, as pedodontists are better trained in the psychological management of children.