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ped·o·gen·e·sis 1

The process of soil formation.

pe·do·gen·e·sis 2


pe′do·ge·net′ic (-jə-nĕt′ĭk) adj.
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n, pl -ses (-siːz)
(Geological Science) the formation or evolution of soil
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Different results are probably connected with different conditions of pedogenesis. Stagnosols are at least temporarily influenced by surface water, mainly rainfall.
Soil animals and pedogenesis: the role of earthworms in anthropogenic soils.
As a conclusion we suggest that the WRB qualifiers are good informative indices for characterizing the properties of whichever soil cover (land parcel, soil association in the landscape) and pedogenesis. For example, the most important qualifiers for the characterization of parcel JEA-I are luvic--cambic--endocalcaric --endoskeletic--humic--loamic--cutanic, for KEA-III reductic--luvic--mollic--eutric--gleyic--sapric--arenic --drainic and for OEA-I retic--umbric--glossic--stagnic --fragic--abruptic--loamic.
The giant open dune deposits that we are mining have important advantages relative to buried sand deposits, including less pedogenesis and thus fewer impurities, and thousands of additional years of mother nature's winnowing and sorting to enhance sphericity and thus quality."
Pedogenesis and soil classification of an experimental farm in Mossoro, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.
In general, there are many factors that cause magnetic susceptibility variations (MS), such as the differences in lithology (lithogenic/geogenic), soil forming processes (pedogenesis), and anthropogenic contribution of magnetic material [2,10, 13].
For a long time, they have been commonly recognized as soil parent materials [27] because they contributed to the creation of new pedogenesis [31].