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1. See neoteny.
2. The description of the behavior of an adult in terms more appropriate to the description of a child's behavior.

pe′do·mor′phic (-fĭk) adj.


or pae•do•mor•phism

(ˌpi dəˈmɔr fɪz əm)

the retention by an adult organism of a juvenile or larval form.
pe`do•mor′phic, adj.
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Rather than humanizing the machine, pedomorphic machinery blends childhood innocence and traits of James Kincaid's "Child Botanical" with ideas of power, mobility, and freedom.
I consequently examine the mechanized representation of childhood, not in the enlivened and humanized inanimate object, but in its pedomorphic character.
Analysis of pedomorphism of machinery is not focused on how artists, authors, and readers feel about machines, but instead examines the conceptions of children and childhood reflected in the pedomorphic act.