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The smallest unit or volume of soil that contains all the soil horizons of a particular soil type, usually having a surface area of 1 square meter (10.67 square feet) and extending from the ground surface down to bedrock.

[From pedo- + -on or from Greek pedon, soil; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]
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Nesse caso, a identidade nao e algo dado, mas e sempre processo, que se da por meio da comunicacao com outros atores, no qual a territorialidade sera a expressao deste processo no cotidiano desses atores sociais (SOUZA; PEDON, 2007, p.
Drenaje moderado El agua es removida de tal forma que el pedon esta humedo por poca, pero significativa, parte del tiempo.
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The Davis site is on a Yolo silty clay loam with an available water capacity of 11 inches (in), or 28.1 centimeters (cm), for a 100 cm pedon, underlain by a sandy substratum within 3 ft of the soil surface.
A representative soil pedon, 1.5 x 2 m, was opened in each identified soil unit and described in situ following the Guidelines for Field Soil Description [16].
[5] proposed a classification of soils based on reduction of pedon of Haplic Luvisols.
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