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The smallest unit or volume of soil that contains all the soil horizons of a particular soil type, usually having a surface area of 1 square meter (10.67 square feet) and extending from the ground surface down to bedrock.

[From pedo- + -on or from Greek pedon, soil; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]
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Maiolino G, Colonna S, Zanchetta M, Pedon L, Seccia TM, Cesari M, et al.
O termo estresse e utilizado em diversas areas, tanto nas ciencias sociais quanto nas biologicas, e nao se constitui de conceito novo (Mondardo & Pedon, 2012).
However, very often these two varieties of pseudopodzolic soil alternate after a small distance, thus, separation of their pedon contours (patches) is complicated.
The databases Pedon and Catena of field research and laboratory analyses conducted in Estonia (Kolli, 1987, 2009) as well as experience obtained from collaboration with 'humus people' (Zanella et al.
In El Pedon, 2012, Camilo Ontiveros presented an empty shipping pallet that had been intended to transport a one-meter cube of soil from Mexico to the US--along with documentation revealing how the task ended up becoming a logistical and legal impossibility.
INGREDIENTS 1 tbsp olive oil 1 small onion, finely diced 150g Pedon Italian-style Barley Mixture (from Tesco), or similar 150ml dry white wine from a small bottle 500ml vegetable stock, hot 300g pack Tesco Finest Creamy Garlic Mushrooms Small bunch of fresh parsley, leaves roughly chopped 40g soft blue cheese, such as Saint Agur, chopped Today's recipe is taken from Delicious Magazine, which is on sale now at all good newsagents.
After which it was put in a 500ml cylinder, two hydrometer readings were taken four hours apart and fed into the pedon Software for analysis.
And in partnership with an Italian PR agency, Whitefoot-Forward PR has also started working for grains and pulses company Pedon to help launch a healthy new food range into the UK.
Two composite samples were collected at the top (0-15 cm) and sub-surface (15-30 cm) soil depths each, while the pedogenic samples were collected at observed horizon depths in each soil pedon dug on both fields.