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 (pĕd′ə-fīl′, pē′də-)
A person with pedophilia.

ped′o·phil′ic (-fĭl′ĭk) adj.
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Noun1.pedophile - an adult who is sexually attracted to children
degenerate, deviant, deviate, pervert - a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior
아동에 대한 이상 성욕자
kẻ ấu dâm


حب الأطفال pedofil pædofil Pädophiler παιδεραστής pedófilo pedofiili pédophile pedofil pedofilo 小児性愛者 아동에 대한 이상 성욕자 pedofiel pedofil pedofil pedófilo педофил pedofil ผู้ที่ชอบร่วมเพศกับเด็ก pedofil kẻ ấu dâm 恋童癖者
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It's the first time that an uncensored voice of a pedophile has been heard and comes from a doctor who met "Alan" while working as a therapist in the prison where he was incarcerated.
But it may be possible to screen out a potential pedophile before a sex crime ever takes place.
Anonymous must expose these Pedophile sites for who and what they really are," says a video.
Bishop enablers allowed pedophiles repeated opportunities to prey upon children by transferring pedophile priests and covering up the problem.
Mark Foley's sexual orientation is irrelevant; the fact that he is a pedophile is the real and certainly most dangerous issue to adolescent boys.
He described pedophile as heterosexually, homosexually or bisexually oriented.
He suggested similar possibilities for the finding that more pedophiles without victims identified themselves as gay: Men with victims may deny being gay, it may be a coincidence in the data set, or being gay may increase a pedophile's chances of seeking help.
Music rehearsals before Mass left him alone at the mercy of a pedophile predator.
But Pham and his housemates simply had the misfortune of living at the address a pedophile had called home several months before.
Bill Maplewood, is a psychiatrist by vocation, a pedophile by avocation.
The bizarre turn of events began in May 1997 when the Sun sent a photographer and reporter to interview the newly freed pedophile at his home --and kicked off a vigorous ethical debate among area newspapers.