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 (pĕd′ə-fĭl′ē-ə, pē′də-)
The deriving of sexual gratification from sexual fantasies or acts involving a child.

ped′o·phil′i·ac (-ăk) adj. & n.


(Psychiatry) a variant spelling (esp US) of paedophilia


(ˌpi dəˈfɪl i ə)

sexual desire in an adult for a child.
pe′do•phile` (-ˌfaɪl) n.
pe`do•phil′i•ac, adj., n.
pe`do•phil′ic, adj.


a sexual attraction to children. — pedophiliac, pedophilic, adj.
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Noun1.pedophilia - a sexual attraction to children
paraphilia - abnormal sexual activity


n. pedofilia, atracción mórbida sexual de un adulto hacia los niños.


n pedofilia or paidofilia
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Tokayev offers harsh punishment for pedophilia, human trafficking and other crimes AKIPRESS.COM - President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at the open joint session of the Parliament today called for toughening of punishment for some crimes.
"In the massage to the nation, which I plan on September 2, I will give orders to the Parliament and government concerning the criminal penalty for drug dealing,, pedophilia, sexual abuse and other crimes," he told on Twitter.
Pedophilia and Sexual Offending Against Children: Theory, Assessment, and Intervention, 2nd Edition
Many church prelates appear to have convinced themselves that, by taking aggressive actions to put in place extensive measures to prevent instances of pedophilia by Catholic clergymen and laity within their dioceses, the issue of pedophilia within the church has resolved itself.
Following this, Yiannopoulos was accused of supporting pedophilia. However, he sought to clarify the comments in ( a Facebook post.
Vladimir Kuzov, a former lawmaker found guilty of pedophilia in the 2000s, said on Thursday he would run for president in November.Kuzov, who is openly gay, told private national NOVA TV station that his candidacy amounts to a "civilizational choice".His initial sentence, in May 2007, was three years behind bars, but Kuzov appealed and <a href="">got a suspended sentence nearly two years later.
Pedophilia is the most hideous of crimes and should be treated/prosecuted without delay.
Manila, Philippines - A former head of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) yesterday said that pedophilia cases are not common among Filipino priests.
Yet if I say that our current cultural trajectory--a bizarre trek that has caused us to boldly go where no American had gone before--has as a point on its are the acceptance of pedophilia. I'm sure I'll hear "never, ever under the stars and stripes!" This is a normal human reaction.
LIMA -- A Peruvian bishop has been defrocked over allegations of pedophilia in line with an order from Rome, the Peruvian Bishops Conference said Thursday.
Minister of Health Dinara Saginbaeva noticed that there is no diagnosis of pedophilia in Kyrgyzstan.