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 (pĕd′ə-fĭl′ē-ə, pē′də-)
The deriving of sexual gratification from sexual fantasies or acts involving a child.

ped′o·phil′i·ac (-ăk) adj. & n.
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The surge in child abuse cases in Pakistan requires that effective measures are resorted to clamp down spine-chilling cases of child abuse and pedophiliac activities destroying the future generation of the country, which in other words also mandates putting an end to criminal complicity exhibited both by the state and the society in general.
5 As such, the Lewis Carroll intertext that frames the fairy tale not only alludes to pedophiliac abuse, but also replaces normative representations of feminine aging as decline with a narrative of recreation of self.
Given his controversial backstory, with its pedophiliac undertones and outright accusations, the fear was that his kids could have had a 'warped' upbringing.
Yiannopoulos referred to pedophiliac relationships (http://www.
I couldn't have been older than twelve, but there I was, propped up on the couch, surrounded by parents, and flushed with embarassment as Carlin joyously detailed the pedophiliac thoughts that might accompany getting a Christmas card portrait of someone else's kids.
Despite this, male-male pedophiliac relationships among camp personnel were widespread with young boys being recruited with enticements of better living conditions and food, to serve as sexual slaves for more senior camp authorities.
In the fifth chapter, Herman's voice appears to emerge and clash with Weisenburger's when the book observes that the polymorphous perversity embodied by the sexual bacchanals aboard the Anubis during the book's middle actually don't seem entirely positive, as with Slothrop's abusive, pedophiliac encounter with the eleven-year-old Bianca (77-78).
I kept hearing rumors about Page's heroin addiction, his alleged communions with Satan, and his supposed pedophiliac tendencies, but nothing could spoil Page for menothing could break the spell.
In the book, a Christian cult named New Eden has created the fail-safe technology to prevent the humanoids from killing or harming the pedophiliac sinners.
166) Her Honour was concerned about the absence of a sex offenders' program that could address the accused's pedophiliac tendencies.
Thus, the counselor might well affirm these aspects and, over a period of time, work with Max to extinguish the sadistic content of his fantasies (perhaps he can transfer the sexual stimulation he gets from these pedophiliac images to more appropriate vehicles) while also confirming that they remain fantasies, helping him understand that actions determine the goodness of a person.
Honeymoon with a Stranger: Pedophiliac Picaresques from Poe to Nabokov.