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 (pĭ-dŭng′kəl, pē′dŭng′kəl)
1. Botany The stalk of an inflorescence or a stalk bearing a solitary flower in a one-flowered inflorescence.
2. Zoology A stalklike structure in invertebrate animals, usually serving as an attachment for a larger part or structure.
3. Anatomy A stalklike bundle of nerve fibers connecting different parts of the brain.
4. Medicine The stalklike base to which a polyp or tumor is attached.

[New Latin pedunculus, diminutive of Latin pēs, ped-, foot; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]

pe·dun′cu·lar (pĭ-dŭng′kyə-lər) adj.
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Dentro de cada clone, verificaram-se diferencas significativas nos resultados de IVE entre as posicoes peduncular e dorsal, com valores superiores da posicao peduncular.
Em decorrencia de tentar simular perfeitamente toda a cadeia de comercializacao do mamao formosa, nao se realizou tratamento fungicida, porem observou-se a incidencia de antracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz & Sacc.) e podridao peduncular (Phoma caricae-papayae Tarr).
As doencas consideradas na analise foram antracnose e podridao peduncular.
A partir do inicio da maturacao dos frutos do tratamentotestemunha (0 g.[ha.sup.-1] de AVG), em 5 plantas por tratamento, coletaram-se, semanalmente, frutos para analise de firmeza da polpa, solidos soluveis totais (SST), indice iodo-amido, acidez titulavel, porcentagem de coloracao vermelha da superficie dos frutos, cor de fundo, rachadura peduncular e porcentagem de queda de frutos.
MR GRE Sequences and CT Brain plain images show sub arachnoid haemorrhage in right sylvian fissure, right basal cistern, interhemispheric fissure, inter peduncular cistern & prepontine cistern.
9G) long and thin, reaching back rear margin of pereonite 3; flagellum slightly longer than fifth peduncular article, first flagellar article as long as third, second article shortest; one row of 1-2 and 3 aesthetascs on each second and third article.
Patients with RCH usually present predominantly with cerebellar signs ranging from mild nonspecific symptoms, such as headaches (with postural headaches being more specific for this disorder), dizziness, peduncular tremors, and vomiting.
However, the accuracy was noninferior to the histopathological analysis (the whole 95% confidence interval above the margin of noninferiority) in the case of large polyps (10-20 mm), peduncular (Ip) polyps according to the Paris endoscopic classification, type 2 polyps according to the NICE classification, neoplastic lesions, and LGIEN and HGIEN polyps.
Another important physiological feature observed in this experiment was that the fruit ripened from yellow bands in the peel originating from the ESTILAR region towards the PEDUNCULAR insertion, according to Oliveira et al.
2B), que se exponen a aproximadamente a 5 m del piso ([+ o -] 1.3 SD, n = 56); sus flores son de color crema sin presencia de nectarios florales y estan cubiertas por una bractea peduncular ligeramente lenosa de 87.2 cm de largo ([+ o -] 15 SD, n = 56), de coloracion marron y que permanece adherida a la inflorescencia incluso despues de la formacion de los frutos.