pedunculated polyp

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Noun1.pedunculated polyp - a polyp with a stalk or peduncle
polyp, polypus - a small vascular growth on the surface of a mucous membrane
peduncle - the thin process of tissue that attaches a polyp to the body
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The root of polyp was approached by trephining on dorsolateral aspect of nasal bone and pedunculated polyp growth was extirpated from nasal cavity (Fig1,2,3).
The Mexican hat sign is formed by the appearance of 2 concentric rings; the outer ring represents the "en face" visualization of barium coating the surface of the head of a pedunculated polyp, while the inner ring represents a meniscus of barium surrounding the stalk of the polyp visualized through the head (Figure 21).
After a Kocher manoeuvre and duodenotomy, a pedunculated polyp, 2x2cm in size, was found on the second portion of the duodenum with active bleeding, and the polypectomy was performed (Fig.
Nasoendoscopy in the ear, nose and throat clinic showed a large pedunculated polyp originating under the right vocal cord (Figure 1) occupying approximately 60 to 80% of the airway circumference, moving in and out of the larynx with respiration.
Videostroboscopic examination detected a huge pedunculated polyp arising from the free edge of the right true vocal fold.
1-3) The lesion usually presents as a pedunculated polyp located in the first part of the duodenum and measures from 0.
A 6-mm pedunculated polyp in the distal descending colon was snared with the use of a blended cutting-coagulation current.