peekytoe crab

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peek·y·toe crab

 (pĭk′ē-tō′, pēk′-)
A rock crab (Cancer irroratus) from New England prepared as food, often used in salads or appetizers.

[From Maine dialectal English picked toe, pointed toe (in reference to the sharp, pointed ends of the crab's legs).]
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In the kitchen is chef Joseph Truex, knocking out the likes of peekytoe crab and wild shrimp; pizza dough gnocchi; tagliatelle mac and cheese and hot caramel cake with mint and flaky sea salt for dessert.
Choose from the garganelli with peekytoe crab, guinea hen with foie gras and monkfish with sea urchin polenta.
Peekytoe crab Rock crab Considered essentially worthless still the mid- '90s; now the darling of trendy restaurants Scarlet snapper South African hake, "Anything that is red is Malabar blood snapper going to be sold as red snapper, no matter what it is," says one restaurant supplier.
Try the oyster sampler or dishes like spicy raw tuna poke and Maine peekytoe crab cakes.
As appetizers, Bayless will serve tostadas of peekytoe crab ceviche with roasted nopal cactus, avocado and fresh herbs.