peel away

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w>peel away

vt sep wallpaper, paintabziehen, ablösen (from von); wrapperabstreifen (from von); barkabschälen (from von)
vi (lit, fig)sich lösen (from von)
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Coat the gates in this, cover it with the paper blanket supplied, leave overnight and then peel away the blanket and the paste leaves the gate clear.
Simply coat the varnished gate in the Peelaway 7 paste and then cover it with the paper blanket that comes with the product, leave overnight and then peel away the blanket and all the varnish will have been absorbed into the paste, leaving the gate varnish free.
Old, dead skin will peel away over the following days.
But nothing lands" Tina Brown, journalist and author of The Diana Chronicles, on Donald Trump "The architecture is beginning to peel away" International Trade Secretary Liam Fox on the prospects for the European Union "My kids haven't watched anything I have been in apart from adverts.
Bridge's writing is effortless, with keen descriptions that peel away the layers of veneer her characters put up -- consciously and unconsciously -- for others.
4 WHEN using a cleaver to peel garlic, crush the cloves with the flat of the blade and the skin will peel away easily.
Once digitised, British Museum staff were then able to peel away each layer, to see the face of the person underneath the bandages.
Trim the stalks and peel away the outer leaves so you're just left with the artichoke hearts.
He said: "I was going to peel away and let Andy Jackson hit it.
As the layers peel away, we discover that Mickey is used to being the new kid (his parents worked all over the world), and that he befriends the outcasts.
* Peel away as much of the placard decal as possible with your fingernail.