(ˈpiːlɪˈwælɪ) ,




slang Scot off colour; pale and ill-looking: he's a wee bit peely-wally this morning.
[apparently a reduplicated form of wally2 in the sense: faded]
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And, for me, the summer provides endless opportunities to explore our beautiful landscape, lochs and islands - a far better option than exposing my peely-wally flesh to the burning heat of the Costa del Sol, that's for sure.
A tub for two proved a revelation, the hot bubbles massaging my peely-wally skin as I watched the ducks quack merrily.
Winking frequently at the camera, the I Dreamed A Dream singer said: "Right Mr Capaldi, less of your peely-wally. Let's discuss that supergroup.
In her video message, she said: "Right Mr Capaldi, less of your peely-wally. Let's discuss that supergroup.
He said: "I remember reading an early Still Game script and it said 'goat' and then 'wan' and I was thinking, 'Peely-wally livestock - what's that doing in Craiglang?' Turns out it was 'got one'.
But it's also that time of year when we suddenly realise how peely-wally we look compared to our European neighbours.
Of course I thought, 'You dancer.' "I also had a good chuckle to myself because when we all hung out together back in the day my two nicknames were,'The Mortician' because of my surname and 'The Pale Rider' because of my gorgeous peely-wally complexion.
Despite the skin tone of the average peely-wally Scot, thousands of beauty experts from across the UK, Europe and America are due in Edinburgh next month to learn about the latest bronzing techniques.
And for those whose natural skin tone is pale blue, see-through or peely-wally, there are some paler shades out there that give a subtle glow rather than a double coat of Cuprinol woodstain.
AFTER a couple of weeks of sick bugs and colds in my house, I've had it with peely-wally skin and cracked, dry lips.
Jim Baxter again the gay flamboyant cavalier in attack who made Pele look peely-wally in comparison.