peep show

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also peep show  (pēp′shō′)
1. An exhibition of pictures or objects viewed through a small hole or magnifying glass. Also called raree show.
2. A short pornographic film presentation seen usually in a small coin-operated projection booth.

peep′ show`

1. a short, usu. erotic film shown in a coin-operated machine equipped with a projector.
2. a display of objects or pictures viewed through a small opening usu. fitted with a magnifying lens.
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The beloved Peep Show character, played by Matt King during the iconic series' 12 year run, will bring a unique evening of music and comedy to the Kasbah on Saturday, February 24.
Super Hans, the character portrayed by Matt King on Channel 4's Peep Show, is heading to Cardiff and Swansea where he'll be performing a DJ set.
THERE was good news last night for anyone still mourning the loss of Channel 4's classic comedy Peep Show.
Peep Show Quiz Night Yes, that's right, it's a quiz shoe about everyone's favourite, BAFTA award-winning and all round awkward Peep Show.
But she's also an accomplished comic actress in shows like Peep Show and Twenty Twelve and is back with new Channel 4 sitcom, Flowers.
PEEP SHOW (Channel 4, 10pm) TISSUES at the ready - it's the last ever episode of Peep Show.
David Mitchell as Mark and Robert Webb as Jeremy take their final outing in Peep Show
Robert Webb Peep Show Channel 4, 10pm Jeremy is turning 40 and, as he struggles with the pace of his blossoming romance, he finds that three-day drug binges are not as easy as they were when he was in his 20s.
PEEP SHOW Channel 4, 10pm Mark is intent on winning the woman of his dreams, regardless of the fact that she already has a husband, and goes to some extraordinary lengths to do so - including a joint trip to the skin clinic for mole-mapping.
PEEP SHOW (Channel 4, Wednesday, 10pm) CULT L sitcom Peep Show is now back after a three-year break, but David Mitchell, who plays Mark, says he needed a quick refresher beforehand and went back over previous season "I watched most of it again, for the first time in ages, in the run up to shooting this series", he says.
Peep Show (C4, 10pm) The Peep Show is now eight series strong (and is the longest-running sitcom in the history of Channel 4), and is a testament to the fact that wit never ages.