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Variant of pipal.


(ˈpiːpəl) ,




(Plants) an Indian moraceous tree, Ficus religiosa, resembling the banyan: regarded as sacred by Buddhists. Also called: bo tree
[C18: from Hindi pīpal, from Sanskrit pippala]
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Noun1.peepul - fig tree of India noted for great size and longevitypeepul - fig tree of India noted for great size and longevity; lacks the prop roots of the banyan; regarded as sacred by Buddhists
fig tree - any moraceous tree of the tropical genus Ficus; produces a closed pear-shaped receptacle that becomes fleshy and edible when mature
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May 2016 Maiyas Beverages and Foods raised US$30 million from Peepul Capital.
In October 2015, Voylla had raised $15 million from the private equity firm Peepul Capital and before that had raised two rounds of funds in 2012 and 2013 by Snow Leopard Technology Ventures.
Backed by private equity firm Peepul Capital and Pune-based Snow Leopard Technology Ventures, besides angel investors, Voylla, raised $15 million in its latest round in October 2015.
In addition, it would require razing of close to 500 fully- grown trees that include eucalyptus, neem, peepul, pilkhan, bargad and jamun.
Any decent large investment in India is from a foreign fund," says Srini Vudayagiri, Investment Director at Peepul Capital, an early growth stage PE fund which is running its third fund - with a corpus of $350 million - in India.
Peepul Capital-backed medical equipment company Cura Healthcare has purchased ultrasound machine dealer DE Healthcare, an effort that will pitch Cura in the Rs.
On the South Indian coast In eighth century heat Tiruvalla copper plate Marked the morning hour Before the sea clamored And the shadow of the body Lay twelve feet longer Than Sita herself, Littoral burning With sacred fires--passage To a kingdom beyond The peepul trees.
Nombres vulgares: Bodhi tree, bo tree, holy tree, peepal, peepul, peepul tree, pipal, sacredfig.
FAIR do's - some peepul dwn arf pull jibs when they yur us talkin' tidy, like.
The company had seen a fund infusion by private equity company Peepul Capital almost four years ago.
Niggers by there selves, white peepul by there selves, and them that lives in our town must bide by our rules.