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Being such as to have no match; incomparable.

peer′less·ly adv.
peer′less·ness n.
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in a peerless manner
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Lyaness is a beautiful space (peerlessly so in my opinion!) so it's incredible to bring more than just our ingredients, service and cocktails to life but actually building a recreation down to the smallest details.
A peerlessly poignant song of parting to celebrate 20 years of partnership.
On Thursday the two came together when Frankie Dettori peerlessly rode Stradivarius to a second Ascot Gold Cup triumph.
Just as I am in awe of my Portuguese AR-10,1 cannot fail to mention how peerlessly well my modern AR-10 performs.
The nation's state media said that the "peerlessly illustrious commander" can control "the nature." Kim Jong Un appeared in pictures dressed in his famous winter coat and black leather shoes.
All of Lynch is here: the primitive movie magic of his handcrafted early shorts; the lever-cranking cosmology and slo-mo slapstick of Eraserhead (1977); the crude body horror and extreme violence of his art brut paintings; the stylized sound design and defamiliarized language; the words and numbers of obscure significance floating in pockets of white noise; the peerlessly intuitive actors (Kyle MacLachlan, Laura Dern, Naomi Watts, Grace Zabriskie) tuned in to his particular wavelength, sly and deadly serious; and of course, the parallel-world and alter ego confusion that has become his stock-in-trade.
There's the visionary top drawer: the timeless works of peerlessly witty, mind-opening artistry (all three "Toy Story" films, "The Incredibles," "Inside Out").
For management's efforts in uniting two strong companies into a single retailer peerlessly oriented around health, wellness and convenience, Loblaw was named by MMR as its 2015 Global Retailer of the Year.
As her peerlessly phrased take on the much-covered Jesus Christ Superstar favourite I Don't Know How To Love Him showed, a great, original singer can make the most familiar tune reveal previously hidden depths.
His immediate successor at the Saturday Review, Max Beerbohm, was not only a peerlessly witty critic but also an author of brilliant comic novels, short stories and caricatures.
Yet would it be any worse for the way it had been achieved - peerlessly and with absolute ruthlessness?