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Being such as to have no match; incomparable.

peer′less·ly adv.
peer′less·ness n.


the state of being without equal or peerless
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There is a strange parallelism between the anonymity of the slave, ripped from the relational contexts that make her a recognisable human being, and the peerlessness of the sovereign ruler - or, indeed, the absolutely solvent individual, not indebted to anyone.
But if a reader imagines this object to be "peerless" then he himself is blind, and the line that encourages him to think he can gaze unseen--"peerless eyes" and all--gazes back on his peerlessness.
An unlikely whitewash of current one-day international table-toppers Australia is 'all' it will take for Alastair Cook's team to add 50-over supremacy to England's Test and Twenty20 peerlessness.